I still don’t know how this website works, but I feel unsafe ranting on facebook.

I don’t understand why a certain roommate of mine just couldn’t take the 2 god damn seconds out of his day to tell me that his friend T was coming over, and I should probably get dressed/brush my hair/whipe off the makeup from under my eyes.

You know, I could honestly forgive the whole forgetting thing, if he hadn’t then gotten me to open the door and invite him inside. Because if he had answered the door, I could have at least ran and changed quickly before anyone noticed. He might’ve even said “hey, t’s here!” so I could’ve gotten dressed BEFORE he got inside.

Oh, wait, did I mention we don’t have a bedroom door? So if I get changed with the light on and the curtain closed, I’m effectively giving anyone in the kitchen (and anyone looking in through the window) a free show?

So I ran downstairs and got dressed. Only there’s no clothes downstairs, except laundry. So I went from pjs, to half dirty clothes. And now I’m sitting in my tiny bullshit kitchen alone while they sit in the living room, because WE HAVE NO ONE SPACE IN THIS TINY FUCKING APARTMENT WHERE WE CAN COMFORTABLY SIT MORE THAN TWO FUCKING PEOPLE.

What an awesome night. Since I’m pissed off, I’ve been told to clean up. 

Anybody looking for a roommate?